This story was originally published in The Star-Herald, as part of its early 2017 homegrown businesses special section.

By Nancy Green

Small and smart are the major ingredients Harlan and Linda Reynolds said they can attribute to the success of Seasonings, their restaurant located a block from the historic court square.

For 19 years the couple has provided daily lunches as well as offering a catering service for weddings, class reunions, family reunions, and other groups.

The Reynolds’s said their restaurant is an outgrowth of providing box lunches for the flower and garden shop that was located in the building. Growth came with their rented kitchen and offering a menu for a time before buying the interest of previous owners to make it a full-time business.

Reynolds, using his 21 years of experience with Hughes Construction Co., added a dining room for private groups, and enclosed the front porch of the building which was originally a residence. An outdoor serving area complete with a stage came with the growth. From this stage Reynolds’s talents of singing and playing the guitar were used to entertain guests as they dined.

The couple previously lived in Louisville where they raised their five children. In addition to 21 years in construction, he spent seven years with Taylor Machine Works before moving back to the Tabernacle Community where he was born and grew up.

“I have always enjoyed cooking and got lots of encouragement from relatives and friends who liked my cooking,” said Linda. Harlan makes yet another contribution through his cooking of the grilled and smoked meat, sometimes starting before daylight for some that requires 12 hours.

From a well-stocked freezer customers are offered a wide variety of casseroles and desserts.

Linda named chicken salad as one of their most popular foods saying, “We make it by the ton selling it almost as fast as we make it.” Pimiento cheese is a close runner, she added.

“The town has really supported us and helped us to grow. Our growth has come at a pace, slow enough, for us to adjust to each phase,” said Linda. Buying at home is a policy of the restaurant. “We buy 90 percent of our supplies in town,” Linda said.

Harland’s talents of woodcarving can be seen on display in the restaurant which is an outlet for his work.

Helping the couple with their Monday through Friday lunches are three full-time employees and two part-time.

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