During my time in Kosciusko and Attala County, I have been delighted and impressed by a plethora of great qualities on display by the members of our community.

Spurred by an immense pride in their community and a remarkable sincerity, so many parties and individuals regularly work together in pursuit of enhancing the place they choose to call home.

And it’s precisely that overarching observation that has driven our organizational redefinition under the banner of the Kosciusko Attala Partnership.

With a logo that depicts an intersecting “K” for Kosciusko and “A” for Attala County, the basis for the organization is collaboration – between the city, county, and community.

The Kosciusko Attala Partnership assumes a niche that allows it to bridge various sectors: multiple bodies of local government, industry, small business, large business, individuals, and other organizations, both non-profit and otherwise. And this bridge is invaluable for an organization whose mission can truly be a catch-all in our community.

Broadly speaking, that mission encompasses economic and community development.

Economic Development

Much of economic development is a big picture operation. With that being said, the Partnership is driven by pursuing endeavors or projects that facilitate, contribute, or can contribute to greater economic opportunity for the members of our community.

In recent months, much of this has been furthered by our collaboration with the Leake County Development Association and the Next Move Group. Through teamwork, we jointly assessed and overhauled our economic development strategy (learn more at CentralMSED.com). Taking a hard look at our region, data, and current trends, we strategically determined six target sectors and the case for each. Both Attala and Leake counties are now cooperating on a shared vision — because all successes are joint successes.

The Kosciusko Attala Partnership will seek ways to continue building working partnerships, because our region’s competitiveness is Attala County’s competitiveness.

Attala County is competitive. There is a very impressive industrial base in Attala County. Which is why our organization has a keen interest in assisting our existing industrial partners in finding ways to ease doing business in Attala County.

But more, we want to tell their stories. We are currently at work on promoting the firms in creative ways that demonstrate what they do and tell the tales of their past, continued, and future successes in Attala County. It’s key not only because we’re promoting and assisting our very own, but also because the case for present and future success is significant to firms assessing where to do business.

Community Development

Playing to the strengths of our community, we seek to market our assets and inject them into the greater conversation.

On February 1, 2016, we launched KosyTrace.com and the monthly Attala Explorer newsletter. Marketing our partner businesses and organizations, and our very community, the traffic and participation numbers out of the gate surpassed even my most optimistic expectations.

With that greater conversation, we want to give people plenty to talk about.

This includes our various businesses that showcase our community’s pervasive entrepreneurial spirit. It also includes programming and projects that make our community an even more enjoyable and attractive place to live, work, and thrive.

In seeking to ever-enhance Kosciusko and Attala County, we as an organization are thrilled to be collaborating with a dynamic, recently-formed team of energetic individuals. This team of volunteers, who we’ll be introducing in the coming days and weeks, will be given a forum to indulge their creativity, exchange ideas, and put those ideas into action.

We’re not a chamber of commerce. We’re not a main street organization. Nor an industrial board. And we’re not a  development corporation.

We are a partnership, which doesn’t have members, but partners.

Partners who band together in the continuous pursuit of enhancing our community.

City. County. Community. Partnered.

We are the Kosciusko Attala Partnership. And we look forward to continued teamwork with our wonderful partners in the community. Even more, we look forward to great things.

Thank you for all you do.

Most Sincerely,
Kel McDowell, CEO
Kosciusko Attala Partnership

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