In this series, we visit businesses, hot spots, and fun places around the community, telling the story with photographs.

For the latest Kosciusko Photo Tour, Kosciusko Attala Partnership CEO Kel McDowell, in the lead-up to his very first Natchez Trace Festival, browsed festivals’ past. A longtime staple of the festival, Kel perused and enjoyed the featured posters from previous festivals.

Posters from past festivals can be purchased at the Partnership office for the low price of two dollars.

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All commentary from Kel:

#TBT: 2003 Natchez Trace Festival NTF is next week! 4/29-30:

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We’ve been featuring some old posters for Throwback Thursday on instagram lately. (p.s. follow us!)

#tbt: 1998 Natchez Trace Festival and Princess Atala NTF, Sat 4/30. Kickoff & pageant, Fri 4/1!

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A portrait of our county’s namesake made for an incredible NTF poster in 1998.

#tbt: 1994 Natchez Trace Festival 2016 NTF is Saturday, April 30!

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I have this poster hanging in my office!

The year 2000 was a great year for a myriad of reasons.
This poster was one of those reasons.

Word play on “trace” is just fantastic. “More, LOVE the contrast on the Attala County courthouse.


Kosciusko’s namesake, Tadeusz Kościuszko, and an arrowhead. Lookin’ good, 1987.

More Tadeusz Kościuszko. Well done, 1983.

When an arrowhead is involved, you can’t lose.
When five arrowheads are, you really really can’t lose.
With this array of colors and gorgeous design, you’re invincible.

Even if 1986 wasn’t the year I was born, I’d be a fan of this poster.

I really like the tagline “Square Flair.”

“Kosy a buzzin'” — YES.

Beehive, magnolia, Tadeusz Kościuszko. The 2002 poster’s got it all.

Drawing on our city’s classic architecture, Ms. Ann Jordan did a superb job on this 1984 poster.

I see you, 1993.


Nice sentiment, nice design, nice perspective.
P.s. Whaddup, Claude Julian’s

1995 — YES

As a finale, have to end on the beautiful 2001 poster featuring the superb work of Ms. Doris Belk bringing the Old Natchez Trace to life.