Via Williamsville Independent Methodist Church:

Saturday, September 23, a group of young people, children, and adults from one of our local churches volunteered their time to work at the Pocket Park in downtown Koscuisko. Members of Williamsville Independent Methodist Church, located on Hwy 19, cleaned the park, painted tables, and in general beautified the setting for the citizens of the town. When the church leadership became aware of the need, they voted unanimously to provide this gift of service to the community.  

The work team from the church was made up of people ranging in ages from four years old to people in their seventies.

“As a part of the Koscuisko community, we all felt that doing this work project was a very small way we could show that we care about our fellow citizens,” said Steve Blakemore, the pastor of the church. “At Williamsville Methodist Church we have a saying we live by,” Blakemore continued, “that Christ has placed us on the hill we are located on to serve others and to help point people to Christ.”