Hunter Engineering is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its plant in Durant, Mississippi, a facility at which forty percent of its employees hail from Attala County.

The firm first came to Mississippi 40 years ago this spring and located in Durant. The location of manufacturing was so successful in Durant that, 10 years later, Hunter located a plant in Raymond. That eventually expanded to two plants. Now Hunter employees about 750 people in Mississippi, and almost all of the company’s manufacturing is done in the state. Our plants employ state-of-the art manufacturing techniques and processes, including a number of welding robots, laser cutting machines, vertical milling and drilling machines, and a powder paint system.

Even though we don’t own the building, we’ve expanded it four times. We were a recipient of the export champion award late last year from Governor Phil Bryant. Three years ago, this plant received the American Welding Society’s “Image of Welding” award (only one is given each year) for its advances in welding and for its support of the local community college and its technical education programs. Hunter has donated significant equipment to the college, and sponsor a scholarship each year for an outstanding student in welding.

The primary reason for the success of Hunter is the quality of the people in the Delta. Our people run these sophisticated machines with no difficulty.