Kosy Direct Care enters its eighth month in Kosciusko (posted 3/29/2016) and has experienced an excellent response from patients. The clinic is staffed by Dr. Timothy Alford and Tammie Porter. It offers primary care 8-5 pm each day. Patients “join” the clinic, much like a gym membership, for a $40 monthly membership fee.

Same day appointments, short wait times, longer doctor-patient visits  and email communication are hallmarks of the practice. Office visit fees of $20 include EKG, blood work, urinalysis, flu shot, etc. One time visits are available for $100. No insurance is accepted or filed. The clinic is located next to Fred’s and parking is available in the Fred’s Parking Lot. Please call Dr. Alford or Tammie Porter at (662) 633-4443.  Email is talford@kosydirectcare.com and website kosydirectcare.com.

This story was originally published in The Star-Herald. The article, from August 2015, explores Kosy Direct Care prior to its opening.

By James Phillips

An innovative approach to primary care will launch in Kosciusko next week. Kosy Direct Care will open its doors Sept. 1, promising to be a health care model that puts the primary focus on the physician-patient relationship.

Kosy Direct Care is the brainchild of Dr. Tim Alford, a longtime family medicine physician in Kosciusko.

“The current system is tied to an insurance industry that is inefficient and cumbersome and does not promote wellness and primary care,” Alford said. “At Kosy Direct Care, the patient, not the insurance company, will be our priority.”

Alford said the goal of the new health care facility will be to lower out of pocket costs.

“Our prices will be completely transparent,” he said.

Patients will pay $40 per month to join Kosy Direct Care. The costs for couples will be$75 per month and families will pay $100 per month. When patients need to be seen in the clinic, they will pay a $20 scheduling fee, which covers the doctor visit as well as all lab work, including EKG, flu and strep tests and flu shots.

Alford got the idea for the new venture after listening to Dr. Brian Forrest of North Carolina-based Access Health Care Direct at a conference in Vicksburg three years ago.

“I started thinking about it that day, and I have worked steadily over the last two years to make this happen,” Alford said.

There are three other cities in Mississippi that have direct care facilities — Natchez, Meridian and Oxford. Alford said the model is working well there and across the United States.

“This puts Kosciusko on the map as far as this model of health care goes,” Alford said. Kosy Direct Care will be located in the imaging center of Kosciusko Medical Clinic. The facility will include two exam rooms as well as an office/patient consultation area. Office hours will be Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (662) 633-4443 for more information or to sign up as a patient.


Tammie Porter, Alford’s nurse for the past 15 years, will be office manager and nurse at Kosy Direct Care.

“Tammie has been instrumental in a successful transition,” Alford said.

Nicole Witzel will continue to work as a nurse at Kosciusko Medical Clinic but also serve as a nurse at Kosy Direct Care.

Kosciusko Medical Clinic has outstanding physicians, and I have played a role in recruiting almost every one of them to our town,” Alford said.

“They do an outstanding job in meeting the health care needs of our community. This is something that I wanted to do for me. For many other physicians, making this move has brought the joy back to what they do. That is what I expect as well. I became a doctor to work with patients. This move will allow me to do exactly that.”

Alford said the patient/doctor time at the new facility will be improved. He expects to see 10 to 12 patients per day instead of 20 to 25.

The key to the facility working financially is that it will not file any insurance. Patients are free to file for reimbursement for the fees associated with the facility but the office will not file claims. Alford said the office will help patients with referrals when necessary.

“Patients are encouraged to keep their health insurance for major medical expenses such as hospitalization and surgery, but it is our hope their out of pocket expenses will be significantly lowered under direct care,” Alford said.

Employers are also encouraged to join Kosy Direct Care, Alford said.

“I think we can save a lot of small businesses money by using our facility,” he said. “That is something they should call and talk to me about. I would be glad to explain the process to business owners.”

Signups for the new clinic began less than a month ago and more than 100 people have joined Kosy Direct Care, Alford said. “I have been very excited by the number so far considering we haven’t even opened yet,” he said. “I expect we will grow a lot more from word of mouth once we are open. We expect our patient numbers to max out around 900 to 1,000.”

For more information about Kosy Direct Care, visit www.kosydirectcare.com.


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