In this series, we visit businesses, hot spots, and fun places around the community, telling the story with photographs.

For the latest Kosciusko Photo Tour, Kosciusko Attala Partnership CEO Kel McDowell visited various locations of Boswell Media. Known in multiple forms — Breezy101 (, Kicks96 (, and Cruisin 98, to name a few — Boswell Media is a multiplatform marketing company founded in Kosciusko. For the occasion, we joined Johnny Boswell as we explored the media group’s many locations. 

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All commentary from Kel:

We started our morning in Philadelphia, MS at Boswell Media’s downtown office and studio.

Upon walking in, we see Jeff Stewart, hosting Kicks96’s “Morning House Party,” interviewing Daniel Sharp of the PNC Musicians Guild.

Next thing I know, I’m on the radio with Jeff and Daniel! Fun fact: this is Jeff’s second Kosciusko Photo Tour appearance,
the first being our visit to Dakota Rose Boutique.

Important to note about Boswell Media is that they rack up the accolades.
Also pictured: Tina Turner. With this Kosciusko Photo Tour, love’s got everything to do with it.

Award-winning work is powered by an award-winning team: Kicks96 news director Mina Mooney and account executive Darren Milner.

Darren shows us another production booth, most often utilized by reporter Lindsey Jennings.
Another fun fact: a photo of Darren and Jeff performing in downtown Kosciusko appears on our homepage slider!

And a #ThrowbackThursday for you — ribbon-cutting in 2012 for the Philadelphia studio!

Next stop is the Edinburg community of Leake County, MS.
Pictured here is the tallest structure in four counties and a key piece of communication for Boswell Media and its network.

A closer look.

Johnny examines some of the equipment inside the facility.

One more look — that’s really tall.

Our final stop for that day — the brand-new studio in downtown Carthage, MS.
Now let’s spice it up a bit for these photos, and add filters. And borders…

Boom — spiced.

Account executive Lisa Moore was on-hand for our visit.

Another friend was also chillin’ at the studio during our visit.

Johnny and Kel working with the equipment in the studio.

Johnny and Kel Lisa working with the equipment in the studio.

And another #ThrowbackThursday with Lisa from my first-ever visit to the Carthage studio.

The next morning entailed a visit to a very familiar spot, the Boswell Media office and studio in Kosciusko.
Breck Riley, host of “Good Morning Kosciusko,” is kind enough to have me as a regular guest on his show, usually on Fridays.

And here he is. TWO fun facts about Breck:
1.) He is also making his second Kosciusko Photo Tour appearance (he was hosting a live remote on the radio at the Farmers Market).
2.) Very recently, he was named Mississippi AP’s Radio News Person of the Year.

This is the face of a guy who’s REALLY happy to be visiting “Good Morning Kosciusko.”

More studio space.

And some more. Much of Boswell Media’s transmission can/does come through Kosciusko.

Until next time, Boswell Media.
And since we spent our time doling out fun facts, here’s one more: Definitely get to know the whole team — they’re really great!