• April 1, 2017
  • 7:00 pm
  • Hwy 35 | Carmack to Walnut Grove, and everywhere in between



Maps available for print or download.

Application can be found here

This is the YARD SALE of all YARD SALES in Central Mississippi. Do you need to do spring cleaning, save for that special vacation, or build up your nest egg? Now is the time to be a part of this 50-mile yard sale running from Highway 35 North (Vaiden) and Kosciusko to Highway 35 South (Walnut Grove) and Carthage in between.  Let your junk be someone’s treasure; be a part of this new venture in Central Mississippi.  Please stop by Kosciusko Attala Partnership, 101 North Natchez Street in Kosciusko Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm to pick up an application and be a part of the fun.  Deadline is March 1st, 2018 to return completed  application.

When shopping, be on the lookout for these red signs!

Kosciusko Attala Partnership – (662) 289-2981; please call for additional information.

This is a joint effort of Carthage, Kosciusko & Walnut Grove.

A nominal application fee will be collected to help with widespread advertising  and maps.