Clif Barnes and his father Eddie have been in business together since 2003.

“We’re a family-owned business,” said Eddie. “A father, two sons, and their families.”

Armed with a proven track record of customer service with Barnes Paper & Janitorial Supply, Clif and Eddie joined another father-son duo, Butch Bingham and his son Daniel, to open a Kosciusko location. This new venue now compliments their existing facilities in Greenwood and Clarksdale.

“[Kosciusko] seemed like a really neat place to do business,” Eddie said. “Very nice people and most of the businesses want to support other community businesses.”

“And that’s what attracted us to the area.”

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Barnes Paper & Janitorial Supply’s specialties aren’t limited to just paper products or janitorial supplies – the firm offers a range of products, including floor care products, restaurant/dining supplies, and more. Better yet, the Barnes team sets itself apart in a myriad of ways.

“Our service proposition is that we are able to coordinate daily, or even hourly, delivery,” said Eddie. “Also, instead of doing price sale for our customers, we try to find a better product.”


It’s that ever-pursuit of customer service that distinguishes Barnes Paper & Janitorial Supply.

“We try to find the most efficient, cost-effective way for a customer to get their needs fulfilled, and try to do as much consultative selling as we possibly can.”

Essentially, consultative selling is the approach through which an individual truly strives to understand the customer and his/her needs prior to formulating a recommendation.


“We’re very flexible about new products,” Eddie said. “If someone wants something we don’t have, we can certainly get it.”

“In Kosciusko we’ll learn things that will also help us in Greenwood and Clarksdale.”

In the end, the combination of customer service, consultative selling, and their new community in Kosciusko serves to guide Barnes Paper & Janitorial Supply towards becoming even better.

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