“A Step Back in Time,” a September 2015 event that showcased the history of Kosciusko’s historic downtown through portrayals of prominent figures in the city’s history (for background, see this story from BreezyNews), was recognized at Mississippi Main Street’s 27th Annual Awards Luncheon.


Creative New Event – “A Step Back in Time”

Via G.G. Holmes, Director of Community Development & Partnerships for the Kosciusko Attala Partnership:

We know what Main Street is but do we really know why it matters? Our Main Street tells us who we are, who we were and how the past has shaped us; it is the place of shared memories. On a muggy night in September 2015, our community, along with Kosciusko Main Street, took a step back in time to relive the good ole days of the 19th century.

The goal of Main Street was to present our history to the Kosciusko community in a narrative form, not only to enlighten but to entertain, to build community rapport as well as showcase the beauty of our historic courthouse and court square. Nearly 150 people attended this event, from our senior citizens to school children with eager minds that soaked up the history. These forefathers molded our community by teaching us how to make Kosciusko a proud community. This award recognizes the downtown organization that has created a quality creative event, generating traffic for the downtown.

The evening produced some memorable moments, captured in a series of YouTube videos:

Also see:

*Paul Powers as D L Brown
*Billy Mitchell as A E Kelly
*James Phillips as Wiley Sanders of the Star Herald
*George Dorrill as F Z Jackson
*Frank Shaw as Wade Harvey
*Lailon Dorsey as J N Alexander
*Dr. Larry Routt as D B Comfort
*Thomas Craft as J H Oliver
*John Barton Ratliff III as William Pinkney Ratliff
*Wayne Heilbronner as Gus Loewenberg
*John Clark Love for Shanks Grocery
*Jimmy Atwood as Richard Ross
*Hugh Potts Jr as W B Potts
*Tom Wasson as Major Spain
*Owen Oliver as Leonard and Hammond; Bubba Pettit as Turner, Glass, and Craft
Dr. Stanley Hartness as Judge Jason Adams Niles
*Phillip Palmertree as J C Clark

Special thanks to the multitude of volunteers who assisted with the event, most notably the actors and Ms. Jewette Battles, whose dedication and local historical expertise were essential to the success of “A Step Back in Time.”

Award_Step_BackinTime (Medium)
G.G. Holmes, Director of Community Development & Partnerships
for the Kosciusko Attala Partnership, receives the award from Mississippi Main Street.
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